PVC (Vinyl) Doors

Sales and installation of premium quality, PVC (Vinyl) doors.

The most advanced PVC (vinyl) doors on the market

  • Modern looks with a variety of finishing panels.
  • Advanced locking mechanism offers superior security.
  • Galvanized steel reinforced profile.
  • Low (20mm) aluminum threshold with an additional 30mm transport extension for damage protection.
  • Two seals of EPDM.
  • 3 pane glass is a standard for designs including glass inserts.
  • Custom sizes available.
modern pvc entrance doors profile
*Ud for a standard door size 1100 x 2105mm
modern entrance pvc door -glass profile

Standard glass package:

  • 3 pane glass 4x20x4x20
  • U glass = 0,5 W/m2K
  • Tempered
Available variety of security, soundproof, solar and thermal glass packages.
modern entrance pvc door - locking system

Locking system:

3 point automatic locking system is a standard for doors with exterior grab bar. Hooks drop automaticli after closing the door without using a key.

Available standard colours:

Doors in other materials

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