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House Tune Up has been providing quality bathroom remodeling services in Oakville since 2003.

Value of your Oakville home and bathroom renovation

Bathroom renovation can significantly increase value of your Oakville home. Bathroom and bathroom renovation represent second greatest return of investment right after a kitchen renovation. We have completed numerous successful bathroom renovations in Oakville and surrounding areas over the years. Please check bathroom renovation testimonials from our satisfied clients in Oakville.

Bathroom finishing materials and bathroom fixtures

Using quality bathroom finishing materials and fixtures in your bathroom renovation will make your investment last longer and bring that spark to your bath. Initial bathroom renovation cost might be higher but it should generate a better return on investement in a long term. High quality bathroom reno will prevent from costly bathroom fixes and repairs in the near future.

We will help you with bathroom remodeling decisions, design and will offer suggestions when selecting bathroom finishing materials and bathroom fixtures.

Cleanness during bathroom renovation project

In order to keep high quality renovation standards and minimize disruption to your regular lifestyle during bathroom reno project in your Oakville home, we strive to keep the working area clean and safe

Oakville Bathroom Renovation project - completed in 2013

Using proper waterproofing materials and techniques in your bathroom

Do your bathroom renovation right the first time. After all, your Oakville home is one of your biggest investments.
While bathroom finishings and bathroom fixtures are important, a solid base for them will greatly extend their life span and protect your bathroom reno investment. Variety of bathroom / shower water proofing materials like OSB Bronte and Shulter Kerdi help to seal shower stalls, bathroom floors and bath enclosures. In-line bathroom drains and walk in showers are a nice accents underlining todays trends in bathroom remodeling.

Please check out how low quality bathroom reno craftsmanship resulted in a major water damage in a bathroom - preventing water damage in your bathroom. The problem was fixed by House Tune Up - Oakville bathroom renovations company

Modern building materials for bathroom renovation project

Modern bathroom building materials commonly used in construction of todays bathrooms are usually mold resistant. In recent years an epoxy grout became to compete with traditional cement base products. It offers greater chemical resistance from harsh household cleaners and stains.
Oakville based, House Tune Up, is an installer and a retailer of a fine bathroom fixtures from a well know brands like: Kohler, Hansgrohe, Brizo, Delta, OSB, Tidal, Pfister, Axor and Moen. We cooperate with Oakville custom bathroom cabinet makers and Oakville bathroom counter top installers to provide you with complete range of bathroom renovation services.

When it’s time for a bathroom reno in your Oakville home contact House Tune Up for a professional in home consultation. We will be happy to provide you with a written estimate of your bathroom reno project. We live in Oakville. We work in Oakville. We are happy to help you with your Oakville bathroom renovation project.

Oakville Bathroom Renovation - Free Consultation

Contact House Tune Up , Oakville bathroom renovation company, today for a free consultation on your bathroom renovation project.
Oakville bathroom renovation photos.

Oakville Bathroom Renovation - Reno Tips from House Tune Up

New trends in bathroom renovation

Today’s modern bathroom contains more than just a basic necessities.Days of shallow, steel bathtubs and pink toilets are over (at least for most).New generation of slick bathroom fixtures and accessories is changing the look of our bathrooms.... read more home reno tips - read more

Preventing a water damage

For the obvious reasons bathrooms are prone to a water damage. Even in a newer construction water damage my accrue due to incorrect fixtures installation, poor workmanship and water leakage. It doesn't take long for a water to penetrate through a subfloor and a ceiling drywall below. Non then less pinpointing a source of leakage might be difficult without farther investigation. The usual weak points are near tub spout, shower valve flange, shower corners or drain to shower liner connection. Although a small leak may seams like a minor imperfection over a time it may grow to a serious issue. ... read more home reno tips - read more

Bathroom Renovation tips - How to build a shower stall ?

Custom shower stalls are usually found in master bathrooms and basement bathrooms.
Building one requires extended knowledge and expertise. In recent years new waterproofing materials and prefabricated shower bases became more popular. Although they are great products a correct installation is crucial to obtain watertightness of a finished shower stall. Concrete boards are mandatory for tiles backing. Marble, granite and travertine tiles are widely used in high end construction. Although they represent great value and prestige some maintenance is required. ... read more home reno tips - read more