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When moving is not an option and more space is needed for a growing family than building an addition is a solution.

For houses on a small lot or bungalows a usual option is construction of a second story addition. This is the most cost effective way to add livable square footing and value to your house.

In some cases attached garage might be used to add a floor above in two story houses.

To add a main floor family room or extend a kitchen an addition build on concrete posts might be a solution. See attached drawings. This is a cost effective alternative to excavation and concrete forming. In some cases a soil testing might be required to determinate ground capability.

As always a good plan is a solid foundation for a successful construction of addition. To start a process a homeowner (or representative) would have to consult appropriate municipality for zoning classification and bylaws.

Plans of real home addition project completed by House Tune Up:

* Click on the images to see enlarged version.

Home Addition Plan - First Floor
Home Addition Plan - Rear Elevation

Than contact a qualified contractor like House Tune Up to suggest a certified architect. Finally submit architectural drawings to a municipality for a review.

After your building permit is issued the contractor can start construction process.

During this process a number of city authorized inspections will take palace. Starting with an excavation inspection prior concrete pouring than framing, HVAC, plumbing, electrical (conducted by ESA), insulation and final inspection.

Although the construction process might be exhausting for homeowners the result is well worth it. A new home addition for a family to enjoy for years.

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