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For many of us it may come as a surprise that many of a vinyl windows and doors may contain lead.

Vinyl windows and doors are commonly used by contractors in new constriction and retrofitting. They are practically maintenance free and can be painted or laminated to a variety of colours. Unfortunately early vinyl profiles used to manufacture windows in late 1980’s and beginning of 1990s contained lead. It was used as PVC stabilizer.

Fortunately majority of modern vinyl windows manufacturers use lead-free PVC profiles. Todays PVC stabilizers are non-toxic and don’t affect human health nor environment. They are used to improve durability and resistance to external impacts as well as to enhance colour and profile shine.

Window glass came a long way in a past decade or so. From a single pane to a technology enhanced sealed units. Modern glass units are tightly sealed constructions often filled with a technical gasses like Argon for improved temperature insulation. Commonly called a low-E glass is usually coated with invisible layer of metals to block UV rays. It also helps to reflect solar energy to keep house cool in summer. Industry leaders offer a specially formulated exterior coating proven to keep glass clean longer.

Traditional frosting on a bathroom windows used for added privacy is giving a way to acid washed or sand blasted technology.

New solutions in windows and doors hardware are even more visible for everyday user. Popular in Europe and gaining more attention in Canada is tilt and turn technology. Simple, single handle operation offers almost effortless opening and closing. PVC profiles used to manufacture those windows are usually reinforced with galvanized steel.

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