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Custom shower stalls

Custom shower stalls are usually found in master bathrooms and basement bathrooms.
Building one requires extended knowledge and expertise.

Builiding a custom shower - materials

In recent years new waterproofing materials and prefabricated shower bases became more popular. Although they are great products a correct installation is crucial to obtain watertightness of a finished shower stall. Concrete boards are mandatory for tiles backing.
Marble, granite and travertine tiles are widely used in high end construction. Although they represent great value and prestige some maintenance is required. Those natural products have a tendency to absorb and store moisture. Stone sealer helps in protecting their surfaces against stains and mildew. It also reduces moisture penetration. how to build shower base diagram

A more practical and versatile product recommended by most contractors and installers for a showers and bathrooms is porcelain tile. It is virtually maintenance free and comes in deferent finishings. From high gloss to matte. Although harder than majority of natural products installation process is very similar.

Building a shower base

Shower base when build on site requires a minimal slope of 1/4 inch per foot. Those require installation of a shower liner which thickness varies from 30 to 40 mil.
Some manufactures offer a pre sloped shower bases. They come in variety of sizes with different drain location options.
For those of us with a modern taste an in line drains are definitely a way to go. They are growing in popularity especially when used for a threshold free showers. Some models can be covered with tiles instead of traditional steel grille. It helps to make it look almost invisible in your new bathroom.

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