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Modern bathrooms

Today’s modern bathroom contains more than just a basic necessities.
Days of shallow, steel bathtubs and pink toilets are over (at least for most).
New generation of slick bathroom fixtures and accessories is changing the look of our bathrooms.

Thermostatic shower valve

Thermostatic shower
A thermostatic shower valve helps to set and maintain desire temperature of water even if someone is flushing a toilet while you are having a shower. This solution is far more sophisticated and accurate than pressure balanced valves.

Image on the left:
Grohe® Euphoria Thermostatic Shower System supplied and installed by House Tune Up.

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Bathroom reno and acrylic shower bases

Acrylic shower bases
Photo courtesy Mirolin®

Acrylic shower bases have changed as well. New shapes and sizes increased verity of product.

Low thresholds (as low as 2”) help to create an illusion of a walk in shower.

This option is also a cost effective solution for projects on a budget. They require far less labour to install then traditionally tiled shower bases. No need for PVC membranes, concrete or other waterproofing systems.

Most of a prefabricated shower bases come with glass door and optional accessories.

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