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We offer sale and installation of a quality, maintenance free vinyl replacement windows and doors in a deferent shapes and colors from the best suppliers. Multi-chambered profiles and high efficiency insulating glass helps to reduce heating costs.

House Tune Up is an authorized distributor of DAKO windows & doors.

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Renovation Tips

Lead free vinyl windows and doors.

For many of us it may come as a surprise that many of a vinyl windows and doors may contain lead. Vinyl windows and doors are commonly used by contractors in new constriction and retrofitting. They are practically maintenance free and can be painted or laminated to a variety of colours. Unfortunately early vinyl profiles used to manufacture windows in late 1980’s and beginning of 1990s contained lead. It was used as PVC stabilizer. ... read more home reno tips - read more

New trends in bathroom renovation

Today’s modern bathroom contains more than just a basic necessities.Days of shallow, steel bathtubs and pink toilets are over (at least for most).New generation of slick bathroom fixtures and accessories is changing the look of our bathrooms.... read more home reno tips - read more